Get the most out of your Cape Breton visit

2-CD audio guide introduces you to unforgettable attractions along every stage of the journey, from well-known favourites to secret gems.


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Learn as you drive

  • 28 Cabot Trail experts from artists to zoologists — even John Cabot himself!
  • Jam-packed double-CD with full-colour map and travel directory
  • More than 2½ hours of fascinating recorded material
  • Unmissable beauty, authentic music, and superb value!
  • Introduced by the sensational Cape Breton fiddler Jennifer Roland

Get the most out of your Cape Breton tour with the Cabot Trail CompanionThe heart & soul
of the Cabot Trail

It's a driving guide packed with fascinating interviews with a wide variety of folks living and working around the Cabot Trail – from musicians to folk artists; from lobster fishermen to experts from Cape Breton University. You'll hear about local legends, historic figures and countless other aspects of the trail.

Check out the contents!

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DISC ONE (blue) — North from Nyanza     DISC TWO (red) — South from Meat Cove

Practical information for visitors

We make no bones about it: our aim is to get drivers OUT of their vehicles and INTO the landscape, chatting away with the locals. Because the more folk you meet along the way, the richer your visit will be.

As well as the twin CDs, the Cabot Trail Companion also features a road map, plus a bumper list of accommodations, shops and other local facilities, so you can plan your trip ahead of time ... or quickly and easily arrange a few extra nights once you're en route.

Cabot Trail CompanionI listened to the entire CD ... It’s truly excellent. Way beyond a highway companion. It’s a cultural, historical, geographical and natural history account of [...] all Cape Breton ... You missed nothing.

          — PMcD

What it’s not...

The Cabot Trail Companion isn't a quick-fire list of all the things you're passing (and missing!) along the way. You don't have to adjust your driving speed to the CD tracks.

Instead, we examine in depth a selection of the most important places to see, often presented by the very people you're likely to meet.

The best aspect of the Cabot Trail Companion is that you arrive at the next location feeling you already know the place...

The double-CD Cabot Trail Companion is a new concept in audio guides, but you'll be right at home with its friendly, informative style.

Happy travels!

Cabot Trail Companion