Track 9: Bell, Baddeck & the Bras d’Or

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Alexander Graham Bell, Cape Breton's most famous resident

Adapted and abridged from the Cabot Trail Companion.

Ahoy there, and welcome to the sailor's paradise of Baddeck! Take exit 10 of the Trans-Canada Highway for the scenic route to its handsome harbour, eateries, boutiques, the picturesque lighthouse on Kidston Island, and the Bras d'Or Lakes & Watershed Interpretive Centre, where you'll learn more about the natural history on the lakes — especially those famous bald eagles!

Many visitors are attracted by the village's connection with inventor Alexander Graham Bell, whose mansion at Beinn Bhreagh can be seen due east across the bay.

The Bell family helped found the town's yacht club — where you can enjoy a gin and tonic on the balcony and watch the youngsters learning to sail. Berthed close by is the Amoeba, a majestic schooner captained by John Bryson, who explains on the Cabot Trail Companion why sailing the Bras d'Or is a sailor's delight.

Bell's home is still privately owned, so the view from the deck of the Amoeba is about as close as we can get. But there is a great place to find out more about the man himself, just a short stroll from the harbour. Although not strictly part of the Cabot Trail, the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada is one of the must-sees of the tour, and the perfect place to round off this audio guide...

Kidston Lighthouse, Baddeck, central Cape BretonWe've spent much of our journey around the Cabot Trail remembering the olden days. Now, it's time to catch up with our modern era: with its telephones, aircraft, and other technological advances. Alexander Graham Bell not only lived to see the dawn of this new age; he was one of its most active engineers. Bell is well remembered for the telephone, but he worked on many different inventions throughout his lifetime, and a visit to this museum shows you just how far-reaching they were.

Heritage Presenter Rosalynd Ingraham tells us all about this remarkable man, who crammed the work of ten men into his 75 years on earth. And his work is still ongoing, because the museum is firing the next generation with his enthusiasm for science and technology. Every day during the summer it hosts kids' kite-making activities and scientific experiments that Bell performed with his own grandchildren.

Alexander Graham Bell declared that for simple beauty, Cape Breton beat anywhere else he'd ever been. We hope that now you've discovered just a small selection of this island's treasures, you'll be like Bell: one of those come-from-away people who just can't help coming back for more!

To discover much, much more about the Cabot Trail in a convenient audio-guide format, order the Cabot Trail Companion now!


If you'd like more information on this section of the tour, the following links may be of interest. Because we have no control over external sites, if you find a dead link please let us know!

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Flight of the Silver Dart, the 2009 centennial celebration in Baddeck, birthplace of Canadian Aviation.

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Accommodations & other businesses along the way

See also the Wagmatcook/Nyanza area (DISC ONE, Track 1)

* = Featured on the Cabot Trail Companion

Adventures East Campground & Cottages Accommodation ($–$$)
9585 Hwy 105, Baddeck. TF: 1-800-507-2228;

*Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada
559 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2069

*Amoeba Sailing Tours
Baddeck Wharf. T: (902) 295-2481;

Auberge Gisele’s Inn Accommodation ($$–$$$)
387 Shore Rd, Baddeck. TF: 1-800-3040-INN;

Auld Farm Inn B&B Accommodation ($–$$)
1817 Rte 205, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1977;

Baddeck C@P Site
Baddeck Public Library, 526 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2055

Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground Accommodation ($)
9584 Hwy 105, Baddeck. TF: 1-866-404-4199;

Baddeck Forks Golf Club (9 holes)
Baddeck Forks Rd. T: (902) 295-2174;

Baddeck Inn Accommodation ($$)
1km W of Exit 8, Hwy 105, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2200;

Baddeck Visitor Information Centre
Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1911;

Bell Bay Golf Club
761 Hwy 205, Baddeck. TF: 1-800-565-3077;

Bell View B&B Accommodation ($$)
713 Rte 205, Baddeck. TF: 1-877-234-1333;

Bighill Retreat Accommodation ($$)
Rear Big Hill Rd, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2726;

Bras d’Or Lakes & Watershed Interpretive Centre
532 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1675;

Bras d’Or Lakes Campground Accommodation ($)
8885 Hwy 105, Baddeck. TF: 1-866-892-5253;

Bras d’Or Yacht Club (regatta 1st wk Aug)
Baddeck Harbour. T: (902) 295-2107;

Broad Reach Chalet Accommodation ($$)
231 Shore Rd, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-3253;

Broadwater Inn & Cottages Accommodation ($$–$$$)
975 Rte 205, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1101;

Cabot Trail Motel Accommodation ($$)
8450 Hwy 105, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2580 or 562-5467;

Crown Jewel Resort Ranch Accommodation ($$$; adventures incl. dog sledding & aerial tours)
992 Westside Baddeck Rd. T: (902) 295-1096;

Dunlop Inn Accommodation ($$–$$$)
552 Chebucto St, Baddeck. TF: 1-888-263-9840;

Green Highlander Lodge Accommodation ($$)
525 Chebucto St, Baddeck. TF: 1-866-470-5333;

Heidi’s B&B Accommodation ($$)
64 Old Margaree Rd, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1301;

Hollyday Cove Cottage Accommodation ($$$)
359 Long Hill Rd, Beinn Bhreagh, Baddeck. T: 1-800-565-9463;

Hunter’s Mountain Chalets Accommodation ($$)
562 Cabot Trail. TF: 1-800-996-3392;

Inverary Resort & Spa Accommodation ($$–$$$)
368 Shore Rd, Baddeck. TF: 1-800-565-5660;

Lobster Adventure Tours (Boat Tours and Charters)
Baddeck Waterfront. T: 902-295-2564;

Lynwood Country Inn Accommodation ($$–$$$)
441 Shore Rd, Baddeck. TF: 1-877-666-1995;

MacIvor House Accommodation ($$$)
72 Jones St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1364;

McIntyre’s Cottages & Cameron House Accommodation ($$–$$$)
8908 Hwy 105, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1133;

Mother Gaelic’s B&B Accommodation ($–$$)
26 Water St, Baddeck. TF: 1-888-770-3970;

PaddleDog Kayak Tours
22 Water St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-3363;

Rocking Horse Ranch
1544 Baddeck Forks Rd. T: (902) 295-2743;

Sail Loft Cottage Accommodation ($$)
558 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-2473;

Silver Dart Lodge & MacNeil House Accommodation ($$–$$$)
257 Shore Rd, Baddeck. TF: 1-877-768-3969;

Telegraph House Accommodation ($$–$$$)
479 Chebucto St, Baddeck. TF: 1-888-263-9840;

Trailsman Motel Accommodation ($$)
10003 Hwy 105, Baddeck. TF: 1-888-245-LAKE;

Tree Seat B&B Accommodation($$)
555 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1996;

Village Manse Vacation Home Accommodation ($$$)
523 Chebucto St, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-3600;

Water’s Edge Inn, Café & Gallery Accommodation ($$–$$$)
22 Water St, Baddeck. TF: 1-866-439-2528;

Worn Doorstep B&B Accommodation ($$)
43 Old Margaree Rd, Baddeck. T: (902) 295-1997;

If you would like your business to be added to this list, please contact us...